Conscious of our social responsibility as a company, we provide the necessary resources to ensure the trustworthiness of our employees and collaborators.
We also participate and collaborate in the community, promoting sports activities (paddle championships and sponsoring local football teams); cultural activities (collaboration with the Fotogenio international photography conference and local events); and charity activities, including our ongoing collaboration with the Foundation against Cancer, Cáritas and the Food Bank.
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We attempt to assist the people who work with us to reconcile work and family as far as possible. To achieve this we have set up the Antonio Hernández Muñoz Reconciliation Centre, the only one in the horticultural sector in the Region of Murcia. It is a childcare service that offers complete care and attention for children under three, while their parents are working at our facilities.

The little ones can enjoy modern, functional facilities, totally equipped to cater to their needs. We have two classrooms for this purpose, a rest area with cots and beds, toilets, a fully equipped dining room and a play area.
Medio ambiente Grupo paloma
All of our crops are managed according to integral protection criteria, with biological monitoring and the ongoing development of tests to improve our environmental sustainability. To achieve this, we:

- Make efficient use of hydrological resources
- Manage waste
- Conserve native flora and fauna
- Fight biologically
Employment integration

Based on the principle that "we believe in attitude over aptitude", at the Paloma Group we have agreements in place and collaborate closely with associations for groups of people with different abilities, in order to aid their integration into the employment market and help raise awareness in society about the existence of these associations. In this regard, we collaborate with FAMDIF-SIL (employment integration service); Fesormu (Federation of deaf people in the Region of Murcia); and Aspanpal (Association of parents of children with hearing and language problems).
We also collaborate closely with Proexport in sensitivity campaigns, to assist in the integration of immigrant workers and achieve a multicultural and respectful working environment.