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Tomato agreement

PROEXPORT, UGT Y CCOO sign the manipulated tomato agreement wicth affects to 4.500 workers on Region de Murcia.

Producing and exporting tomato companies grouped in PROEXPORT and UGT and CCOO unions signed Monday 19 October, after several months of negotiation, the collective agreement that affects the workers and enterprises in the Region of Murcia, engaged in the handling and packaging of fresh tomato, as majority activity, as well as other handling of horticultural products that can be carried out in workplaces. Employers and unions have been satisfied by the important bet made in stability in employment, since it has been agreed that a minimum of 85% of the companies bound by this collective agreement templates are fixed and fixed intermittent workers. 15% of event Max extends to employees and temporary business. Introduce also elements of working time flexibility demanded by employers, by the discontinuous nature of the same. In terms of wages, by 2015 they increase at 1% with respect to 2014, 1.5% in 2016, and a 1.6 in 2017. The value of overtime will remain frozen for the first two years and will increase by 1.6 in the 2017.Las parts indicate explicitly that respected the principle of equality at work for all purposes, not allowing discrimination on grounds of sex, marital status, age within the limits marked by the legal system, race, social condition religious or political ideas, membership or not a Trade Union, etc. There may also be discrimination by reason of mental, physical or sensory decreases. The agreement will enter into force once published in the official bulletin of the Region of Murcia.