Grupo Paloma
Our History
The Paloma Group is a family company that began its journey in 1968. At first, we produced and sold small quantities of tomatoes on the national market, but today, we export different types of tomato, seedless grapes, peaches, nectarines and pomegranates to the rest of Europe. Our farms and horticultural centres are located on the coastal strip between Águilas, Lorca and Mazarrón, in the Region of Murcia, and they encompass approximately 1,250 ha of farmland and more than 118,000 m2 of facilities at horticultural centres.
Historia 03
Civil Governor visit, Mr Oltra Moltó and Mayor, Mr Paredes Acosta, in Paloma factory on 1972 Mazarrón
Grupo Paloma Historia
Facilities inaguration of Paloma Group in Mazarrón, october 16 1982
Historia 02
Facilities inaguration of Paloma Group in Águilas, october 1995
Staff Grupo Paloma
Our team is made up of more than 1,850 workers over the year, spread across each of our activities, from the nursery to the warehouse. Thanks to all of their efforts, we have managed to become leaders in the horticultural sector.
Misión Visión Valores Grupo Paloma
Our purpose is to offer our customers products of the highest quality, satisfying their requirements effectively and responsibly. We achieve this by basing all of our commercial relations on honesty and committing to transparency and opening dialogue. It is our objective to become the leading horticultural supplier in Europe, as the result of the quality of our products, efficient, personal customer service, and excellent work.
Mission. Vision. Values.
In addition to these aims, we endeavour to be environmentally responsible and contribute to the development of our surrounding area.
Empresas del Grupo Paloma
Group companies
The Paloma Group is made up of the following companies:
> Grupo Hortofrutícola Paloma

> Hernández Zamora, S. A.

> Agrícola Paloma, S. A.

> Alfonso y Ginés, S. A.

> Agrícola Primpal, S. L.

> Sat Prodema 9466
Grupo Paloma
Hernandez Zamora S.A.
Agricola Paloma
Alfonso y Gines
Agricola Primpal
Sat Prodema