Our success is based on the excellent quality and safety we offer consumers through our traceability system, technological innovation and effective management processes.

The quality and excellence of our products is the mainstay of our management systems. Testimony to this is that all of our farms are certified in accordance with the GLOBALGAP protocol, and our three horticultural centres are BRC and IFS certified.
All of our properties and products are certified in accordance with the GLOBALGAP standards (op. 2), Tesco Nurture, BRC and IFS. Our grapes are certified by F2F and PI.
Sistema de control Grupo Paloma
Self-monitoring system
At our laboratory, we analyse the condition of our water, soil, fertilisers and leaves, and the presence of traces of pesticide, in order to optimise our processes and improve agronomic performance. Additionally, there is a self-monitoring plant-protection protocol in place at the company.
We guarantee that all of our products are managed at each of the different stages of their production and processing in accordance with strict self-monitoring technical criteria that ensure the quality and safety of our products.

Our traceability system guarantees food safety because it allows us to immediately identify all of the information about a product: farmer, farm and plot of origin; variety and type; processing warehouse; packaging date; destination of goods; container/packaging; treatment; and analyses and controls performed.

We have our own department for researching and developing new cultivation techniques aimed at improving the flavour of our products. We perform annual research in collaboration with different seed companies and breeders to develop new products.
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